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Passive House

The principles governing Passive House design go a long way in achieving an energy-plus-house. Unlike a zero energy building (ZEB) or net zero energy building, energy-plus-houses generate more energy from renewable sources than it consumes.  For a structure to be Passive House compliant it must be very well insulated and its thermal envelope very air tight.  Doing so all but eliminates the need for heating and air conditioning.   A structure is considered Passive House compliant if it conforms to these 4 parameters:  (1) heating and cooling energy consumption must not exceed 1.5kWh/ft2/yr (2) total energy consumption must not exceed 4.2kWh/ft2/yr (3) primary energy consumption must not exceed 12kWh/ft2/yr and (4) no more than .6 air exchanges per hour at 50 Pascal pressure.

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