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MVP Sponsorship Program (MVPSP)

Those interested in participating in the MVPSP can request access from

MVP Sponsorship Program

Those interested in participating in the MVPSP request access at

Passive House

The principles governing Passive House design go a long way in achieving an energy-plus-house. Unlike a zero energy building (ZEB) or net zero energy building, energy-plus-houses generate more energy from renewable sources than it consumes.  For a structure to be Passive House compliant it must be very well insulated and its thermal envelope very air tight.

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Tesla: The Future is here!

On Saturday morning, 20 JUN 09, the day before Father’s Day, a brand new Tesla Roadster, the 468th Tesla built was delivered to my home in Mount Vernon, VA. It was the dawn of a new age. This was an experience that is forever forged in my brain. Like the first horseless carriage or the first radio or first television or the advent of the personal computer, fax machine, cell phone, or even the Internet itself, this totally electric car free from having to run to a gas station, free from burning anything, free from noise and smell, free as a bird, represents the fundamental paradigm shift that will define the 21st century.

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